Welcome to Dominica
The Nature Island!

A lush green island dominated by dense, untouched forests, lubricated with clear waters, caressed by cool mountain breeze and engulfed by blue ocean and sky.

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Experience Authentic Nature

We are the definition of nature, dominated by 60% forest cover, this small island is home to just over 70 000 people, numerous water features, breathtaking view points, vibrant reefs and more.

Dominica offers a cadre of adventure and wellness experiences for those seeking to escape, explore and connect with nature.

There is much to do on this cozy island. Hike steep mountain trails, rappel down waterfalls, swim vibrant reefs, eat clean food and experience true peace, nature and adventure on the Nature Island.

Unique Culture

Dominica is a French Creole island, having passed hands between Britain and France in the colonial era. The island is mostly populated by African descendants and in true Caribbean fashion is a melting pot of races, cultures, languages and experiences.

We are one of the very few lands with a native Amerindian population- The Kalinago. Said to be one of the first inhabitants of Dominica, the Kalinago tribe sailed on canoes up from South America and created coastal settlements around the island as early as 1200 AD, almost 2 centuries before Columbus stumbled upon the Caribbean. Their rich indigenous culture and practices are deeply entrenched in Dominica. Our name Waitukubuli or “Tall is her body” is Kalinago, a name assigned for the towering mountains which lie in Dominica’s spine.

Since then, the island has experienced an influx of European (mainly French and British), African, Indian and Chinese populations, all meshing together to create a vibrant and diverse culture.

English is the official language though it is mainly spoken in dialect. French Patois, an amalgamation of broken French with Kalinago and African influence is also spoken and is shared with the neighbouring French Caribbean and Haiti.

Like most Caribbean islands, we drive on the left, and driving our winding roads and sexy coasts is an absolute joy. 

Dominica is home to a spectrum of distinctive sounds from ‘Bouyon’ to ‘Cadence’ which headline our major carnival every February/March and independence season in October. We are home to the World Creole Music Festival, three nights of creole music mash-up, from Reggae, Soca and Afrobeat to Kompa, our independence celebration is an ode to what makes our island and culture so unique and vibrant.  

Food is also a diverse concoction of various influences and imported plants. Soups and stews made from fish, chicken, small mammals and crabs accompanied by ground provisions and vegetables dominate local cuisine, though the palate has changed significantly over the years.

Indigenous Culture

Raw Nature

Vibrant Culture

Rugged Romance

Exotic Coastlines

Wild Life

Pure Adventure

Boiling Lake Experience

Challenge Level  Challenging

Duration 6-10 hours

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Scott’s Head Peninsula

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

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Victoria Falls Excursion

Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 6-8 hours

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Champagne reef

Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 1-2 hours

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