Two Day Couples Packages  

Embark on a rugged romance through the Nature Island. We combine the best sites and experiences for couples looking for a romantic adventure.

Challenge each other with an intense hikes up steep mountains, through winding valleys and over steaming vents.

Swim vibrant reefs over bubbling vents and through remarkable marine life.

Explore waterfalls, plunge into emerald pools and explore hidden canyons, all on an epic, romantic journey. 

Take your family on an epic adventure through the Nature Island. We’ve chosen the best sites for pure family fun, so that everyone from  babies to grandparents have absolutely unforgettable experiences on the island.

Boulder over white river to a majestic waterfall, swim an enchanted pool and lounge on the beach. Visit Calypso’s Voodoo House, from Pirate’s of the Caribbeanake and soak in healing warm waters all on an epic family adventure.

Two Day Family Package

Three Day Family Package

Make the most of family time with this three day package. We’ve chosen the best sites, loaded with fun, learning experiences for kids and everyone in the family. A three day epic adventure of enchanted pools, tumbling waterfalls, historic forts, movie scenes and sunny coasts.

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