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With our carefully selected packages, you can experience Dominica’s most renowned locations, most suited to you and your time on the island. Browse our featured packages or contact us to customise your Dominica vacation. 

Two Day
Couple’s Package 

Join us for two days of rugged romance. 

Embark on a rugged romance through the Nature Island. Our carefully curated two day couple’s package combines the best sites and experiences for couples looking for a sexy adventure.

Challenge each other with an intense hike to Dominica’s Boiling Lake, up steep mountains, through winding valleys, over steaming vents and beneath blue sky.

Swim the vibrant Champagne Reef over bubbling vents and through remarkable marine life.

Boulder huge river rocks through the White River to Victoria Falls, a tumbling cascade of white water.

Swim the sexy, emerald canyons of Titou Gorge and plunge into the picturesque Emerald Pool; one of the island’s most famous destination wedding locations.

Take your family on an epic adventure through the Nature Island. Our handpicked family package combines the best sites for pure family fun, so that everyone from  babies to grandparents have absolutely unforgettable experiences of the island.

Boulder over white river to the magnificent Victoria Falls.  Eat fresh, ital food from a Rasta elder and take a chill hike to the refreshingly beautiful Emerald Pool.

Lounge beneath warm sun on Mero Beach, visit Calypso’s Voodo House, as seen in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, swim an epic natural pool and be amazed at the flaming Red Rocks of Calibishie’s coast.

Two Day Family Package

Join us for an epic family adventure, through waterfalls, rivers and forests. 

Three Day Family Package

Join us for three days of epic family fun through the Caribbean’s Nature Island.

Make the most of family time with this three day package. We’ve chosen the best sites, loaded with fun, learning experiences for kids and everyone in the family. A three day epic adventure of enchanted pools, tumbling waterfalls, historic forts, movie scenes and sunny coasts. 

Customise your own 

Have your own ideas in mind. No problem. We can help you create the perfect package, customised for you, the things you like and your abilities. Let our team customise your Dominica expereince. 

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