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Get Set, Wet!

Yes, you thought right. We are going to get wet! From salt water to fresh water to natural, healing, warm water. The fun starts at the Champagne Reef, where we swim with the fishes in the Caribbean’s #1 snorkeling area with warm air bubbles softly sliding across the skin making their way up from the ocean’s floor. We then make our way through the Botanical Gardens and up to the tranquil village of Laudat where we enjoy a refreshing swim, 2 mins up the Titou Gorge. With her walls rising from 15 ft to 180 ft on opposing sides, Titou’s rock formation and surprise waterfalls are sure to take your breath away.
Next on our list is the Freshwater Lake only 7 mins drive from the gorge. We ascend up, up, up until we enter the Morne Trois Pitons National Park (on the highest road in Dominica) with scenic views of the entire Roseau Valley. There, we strap on those life jackets, jump into the kayaks and Just Go Kayaking, around the lake. The fun never stops. Then we slow it down a bit- enjoy a bite of our local cuisine, some hot, local coca tea, a cup of Café Domnique, a rum punch and spectacular views of the Freshwater Lake. Let your feet soak in the  water and lose track of time for a moment.
To end the day, we make our way down to the Trafalgar Falls. This twin beauty is sure to leave you speechless. With some slight maneuvering over and between a few rocks, a soothing hot sulfur bath awaits.altAo10C-yWIa52CiI0vAb67VxQIiHIrAkE_IiGy8yQCNlm

Tour Details:

  • Tour includes: Taxi, Tour Guide, Just Go Rum Punch and water

  • Site-Pass to both Freshwater Lake & Trafalgar Falls

  • Refreshments at Freshwater Lake

  • Duration: 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 hrs

  • Kayak &  life jacket rental included

  • Visitors pay US$2 to enter Champagne Reef

  • Clients are advised to bring along snorkelling equipment if possible

  • Snorkelling equipment is available at an additional cost of US$12. Includes mask and breather, life vest, fins

  • Price on Request


The Hike-a-thon

The name says it all so tie up those hiking boots, Teevers and Keens and Just Go hiking. The adventure begins with a smooth 15 minute drive up to the entrance of the Middleham Falls trail. There we park the car and get into hiking mode. The trail is 2 hrs round trip and is rated as easy to moderate in difficulty. The Middleham Falls is over 265 ft tall and is one of the highest on the island. Experience  refreshing droplets against your face while making your way down to the base. Shirts off! It’s time to go swimming. Take a deep breath and JustGo! After 5 seconds, a smile is definitely guaranteed. The dip leads us back to the van and up to the Boeri Lake. This is a 45 minute hike on a well maintained trail through the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. This lake is hidden in the mist, deep within Dominica’s Mountains. We are certain that this mystical natural wonder will leave you nothing short of amazed. Next on our list is the Freshwater Lake. The trail starts at one end of the lake and goes around to the next. It takes about 35 – 45 minutes and boasts breath-taking views of the island’s interior and raw untouched beauty. We end our day relaxing within the lake’s cool ambiance with local cuisine and fresh fruit juice… Hiker’s paradise.

Tour Details:

  • Tour Includes: Taxi, Tour Guide, Just Go Rum Punch and waterIMG_1203

  • Site-Passes are included: Middleham Falls, Boeri lake, Freshwater Lake

  • Lunch at Freshwater lake

  • A small snack is advised

  • Duration: 6 hrs

  • Price on Request


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